Feature Article: ‘The Persimmon Tree’ by Marjorie Barnard, in Favourite Stories, Bookanista (published Jan 2015).

Short Story: ‘A Flash of Wings’, in Meanjin, 2014.

Review: ‘A deeply felt love of land and the possible activist: John Kinsella’s The Vision of Error in Verity La September 26, 2014.

Review: ‘Gathering Experience, Thought, Love and Craft: Janet Galbraith’s re-membering’ in Verity La May 28, 2014.

Review: ‘Rich Evocations of Harsh Realities: Paul Hetherington’s Six Different Windows’ in Verity La November 9, 2013.

Review: ‘Wit and Challenge and Play: Suniti Namjoshi’s The Fabulous Feminist’ in Verity La June 11, 2013.

Short Story: ‘Rare and Endangered’ in Verity La January 29, 2013.

Review: ‘Refusing Comfortable Resolutions: Sefi Atta’s A Bit of Difference’ in Verity La October 23, 2012.

Review: ‘The Playful Provocation of a Complex Tapestry: Susan Hawthorne’s Cow’ in Verity La March 7, 2012.

Review: ‘The Remembered, the Haunted and the Differing: Patricia Sykes’ The Abbotsford Mysteries in Verity La February 4, 2012.

Review: XIII Poems by Jordie Albiston’ in Plumwood Mountain 2. 1, 2014.



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