I love gargoyles, and when I was travelling around England and in Paris, I took lots of photos of them. Little did I know then that one of them would insinuate its way into my novel.   At the base of the roof was an army of gargoyles, stone-grown and weather-worn, each one distinct, all … Continue reading Gargoyles

Launching … again

After three years alone with my words, they were now between two glorious covers and about to be set free into the world. I was nervous and excited, wanting to share my novel with readers; doubting it; wanting to hold onto it, work on it a bit more. I loved my characters and the story, … Continue reading Launching … again

In search of the last word

As the harbour is welcome to the sailor, so is the last line to the scribe. These are the words of a scribe, and even though it’s centuries since that line was written, my sentiments are the same. Sort of. Scribes generally copied the words of others, so their work was done when the ink … Continue reading In search of the last word

Blink. Bloody Couch

Do you remember the ‘Doctor Who’ episode called ‘Blink’? The one where angels prey upon humans but turn to stone the moment they are looked upon — so the only way to prevent them killing is not to blink. As soon as a person shuts their eyes, the angels move, incredibly quickly — though of … Continue reading Blink. Bloody Couch

I don’t usually read that genre, but…

How much do you read according to genre? I’ve been mulling over this for a while now, and especially recently, when I read Up and In, by Deborah Disney, a novel that’s been on my list for a while. I’d met Deb at a HarperCollins author lunch last year, both of us newbies to the … Continue reading I don’t usually read that genre, but…

What Edinburgh Taught Me

  There are some times in life when the Wheel of Fortune seems to sit you at the top for no particular reason. That was me, up the top there, in late August, at the Edinburgh Book Festival.   There was nothing not to like, and everything to love: Edinburgh’s beauty; the writers’ yurt (a … Continue reading What Edinburgh Taught Me