sneak preview

The picture isn’t quite finished yet, and this is only the unedited review copy … but it’s so exciting to have it, finally, as something I can hold in my hand. I never thought the day would come!

This is the Fourth Estate, Australian edition. And I’m waiting on a fast plane to bring me the UK edition.


10 thoughts on “sneak preview

    1. Thanks! I think there will be an Adelaide launch, though I’m now in Canberra. My youngest daughter lives in Adelaide and has promised to organise something for me. If it comes off, I’ll let you know. Late Feb, early March, probably.


      1. well keep me posted. Mine( long awaited) may also come out about then. wish my daughter would organise it! she lives in Brisbane though. I HATE the promotion side of art.
        Good luck with it. let me know buying details too.


      2. A book! That’s great. Let me know when it comes out, especially if I’m in Adelaide at the time. The marketing is awful, I know, but I’m trying to take a deep breath and go with it. And, speaking of such things … you can pre-order my book online, or wait until March and I’d love to sign a copy.


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